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Work- Untitled Series
Duration- 10 minutes & 25 minutes (versions)
Setting – Socio-Political dance art
Nature – Site specific; adaptable to conventional and unconventional spaces
Group – f.o.d gang
Choreographers – femi adebajo, ridwan rasheed, chidera nwobodo, segun ademeso, sangokunle anuoluwapo
Cast strength – 8 team members
Music – Live Organic music
Musicians – Abayomi Peter /Seun Awobajo
Year of creation – 2016

UNTITLE D SERIES by the F.O.D GANG is a radical dance creation with an open ending on the prevailing animosity in the most disadvantage area of Lagos Nigerian. This is a unique Protest dance- theatre piece that exposes the social cultural situations where political, religious and tribalism is not much difference to the global nepotism and racism. The sarcasm here, transit layers of the performance and the characters carefully illustrate the height ignorance on the said issues.

While they strive to regain their true identity as a nation or individual as they ignore the positive use of togetherness at every needful point of decision-making.

The concentration from of the beginning, the piece reviews the quest for fuel (power) as most important
Components for survival in the economy of all third world nations like ours, when they annex or access this power; they use it for self-actualization, which may be humanly correct because of the rationale that governs the decisions of man and the political formation of its region. The quest for supremacy continues
As the rivalry grows into the pointing of accusing fingers across one another for the rout created by the Collectives. They fuel up the rancor with variously accessed powers (segregation, ethnicity, despotism, religion and tribalism) at the detriment of the collective development.

The complex nature of this piece reflect in the layers of storytelling that aligning also with the real situation of things and Art in Africa I.e. The didactic nature of man and its Art forms, the derived joy from superiority over another, the inferiority complex, etc.

Untitled Series is a protest dance art that question statuesque on the part of the government and also exposes the virus of racism/tribalism, religious crisis, ethnicity, hooliganism among individuals that are govern Africa. The resolution from this piece comes with a preposition to plague into the Magnanimous power of Art as a tool for constructive change in our society even in the most remote area of Bariga Lagos Nigeria, the mind of the dramaturge & Choreographers is to CONTINUE to use dance Art to tell/Prove the potency of Performance Art in correcting anomalies in their immediate Community to foster true development.

This piece has recorded an outstanding testimonies since creation, aside its pronounced trend social media from the live streaming of its premiere on Facebook in 2016, this generated loads of reactions, comments and it arose series of deliberations in almost all on major creative art symposiums in 2016/2017 till date in Lagos nigeria. The site-specific version was strong enough to influence the executive governor of Lagos state, Gov. Akinwunmi Ambode to veto the immediate repair/ re-construction of all the roads where untitled series has been played.
(1) Okuta road Bariga Lagos
(2) Odunsi street linking to third mainland
Bridge Bariga
(3) Ilaje road Bariga (THE longest street in the Bariga community of

This piece was also used as case study to push for ‘dance art’ as a means of collectable art forms; at the 2017 af symposium. It was argue that the video may not be viable enough but the collection of the costumes and pictures from the art scenes are great art works. ‘‘Untitled series’’ can be archived as a major art forms with high quality.
Another of the testimony is the African journal magazine 2018/2019 edition; a magazine for the development of dance in Africa as co-edited by pro. Chucks Okoye.
Pictures from Untitled Series was used as a picture story magazine for this edition after he experienced

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