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Title; Together we fly
Duration: 15 minutes.
Dance Style: Nigeria Heritage Dance
Music: live band (very Organic)
Mood: festivity.
Choreography: Seun Awobajo
CAST STRENGHT- 28 Children (age 6-16)
PLAY AREA- 40 FIT BY 40 FIT WIDE (outdoor preferably)

A pure Nigerian heritage dance styles, cutting across all the 6 geo-political regions of Nigeria, in an attempt to encourage and promote one language with dances most potent form of Art, against the bad omen moments in some of our cultural expression as nation, Dance can help us reshape the essence of unity as a country. All of these are done with an expression of urbanizing our indigenous Nigeria dances (old wine in/with new bottle).
We need to open up new horizon and propagate new possibilities without losing or letting off the core values of our indigenous arts with at the pedestal of creating more ingenuity.

The Evolution of Dance has birth quite a handful of dace genre in Nigeria, yet the indigenous dance styles as their primary source needs more urgent attention if well annex and properly milked, it can be born-again with is sacred and ritual essence or obligations to stigmatizing in building one true Nation bound in freedom, peace, dance and unity.

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