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Ere Osupa (The moonlight play)
Duration: 15/25 minutes
Setting; communal
Music; Organic folklore music
Cast strength; 40
Seun Awobajo
Creative assistant -FOD GANG

ERE ÓSUPÁ (moonlight play) is a Yoruba folklore play with various layers of moral lessons and deep proverbs on profound insight on drums and it usage weaved with it’s importance and value. The advent of computer games negates communal living amongst 24th century children, the nature of Computers games teaches children to live an isolated lifestyle, which is the root of today’s poor social understanding and interactions in our society. Our local folklores is encoded with reach values exposure for children and educate them on morals values, simple but effective communications skill, deep proverbs that enhance wise living, pure native intelligence, true identity of an African child, respect and dignity, correct value placement and priority setting. Ere Osupa is Musically design to reiterate the values in folklores and also challenge the
Mind of its audience to further the needful growth in raising as a total Child for a safer tomorrow

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