About This Project

FODAF FESTIVAL is an annual one-week of COMMUNITY BASED OPEN AIR ART FESTIVAL for Community development in the Bariga Area of Lagos Nigeria.
This project is designed as an intervention to aid and revive the fading communal living in the cosmopolitan city like Bariga-Lagos, through the language of Art.

After the maiden edition in 2005, FOOTPRINTS OF DAVID ARTS FESTIVAL (FODAF) has remained an end-of-the-year fiesta for children and the young at heart to revel during the yuletide season. FODAF has stood the test of time and remains the one-stop joint of Christmas celebration not only for the Bariga residents but also those from other neighboring community.

Fodaf Features:
⦁ Live Theatre,
⦁ Art Exhibitions,
⦁ Alternative Music,
⦁ Poetry,
⦁ Stand up comedy,
⦁ Film Screening,
⦁ Cooking competition,
⦁ Indoor Games,
⦁ Dance,
⦁ Drama,
⦁ Ram championship,
⦁ Children Xmass Fun Fair
⦁ Praise Concert
⦁ WALK for A better child


This is a program where Emerging Creative Talents are shaped and molded through the Experience and Expertise of Already Established Artists or Corporate entity in Lagos and Nigeria at Large

Why MAMA Scheme? You will agree with me that a sizeable majority of our workforce in the Performing and Visual Arts industry can be referred to as half baked artists, This called for urgent intervention and thus we are initiating this program to guide and mold the artists who are most likely going to be in charge of the industry in the Nearest Future.

Aims of MAMA Scheme: This initiative aims at bridging the Gap Mentees and their Dream mentors thereby making the Circle of their Creative process Complete and More Effective.

How does MAMA Scheme work? We will be pairing you with One or Two Companies or Groups, Where They will get to show you the Work they want you to help them re-touch and you meet with them once monthly till December to put more perspective to the Work and also other Pivotal areas of their Artistic life.
These Works, which will eventually be credited as co-produced by your company and theirs, will be showing at Major Arts Festivals In Lagos.



Agbonmagbe Club clan is a fraternal body of artistically minded individuals with flair for knowledge on the core of the human existence ranging from Philosophies on science, religion, imperialism and the unending clamour for mind’s liberation and yearnings for cultural renaissance. As a functioning part of the illustrious FOOTPRINTS OF DAVID, it is equally charged with the responsibility of research/development roles that would help grow the base of its intellectual quantum, joining the teaching train at BRIGHT ACHIEVERS’ SCHOOL- the educational outfit owned by FOD and mentoring the children in their fields to serve as the springboard to their journeys to the top in the nearest future.

The phrase ‘Agbon ma Gbe’ is loosely translated as an ‘an ever flowing source’. The name is instructive as it alludes to the assemblage of illumined minds coming together to form a force of soldiers of conscience, creativity and active participants in building a virile structure for a new world. To the keen observers however, the question as to where the source to be resourced for the sources of this clan will vehemently beg for answers. The clarifications are not to be far fetch, ‘Agbonmagbe’ is simply a composition of adept believers in our inherent anthropologies, bonded by kindred spirit of forebears and upheld by the supreme force that holds the Universe.

Alternatively, AGBC is a similitude of the all-powerful defunct Mbari Club founded in Ibadan in the 50s, which played the pivotal role of projecting the Pan-African being and creative essence that will later change the stratosphere of African writing and theatrical experience by produce a collage of outstanding writers such as Amos Tutuola renowned for the ‘Palmwine Drinkard’, Chinua Achebe- the author of the monstrous selling book: Things Fall Apart, Christopher Okigbo- a poet by all terms of standard and slain Biafran hero; Duro Ladipo- famed for his fire-emitting craft in the ‘SANGO’ plays, Prof. Ulli Beier- an intelligentsia in African arts teaching; Prof. John Pepper-Clarke- a prolific experts in all genre of literary Arts; Prof. Wole Soyinka- a social crusader cum activist of over five decades, a core Pan-Africanist, Emeritus Professor, Africa’s first Noble Laureate and versatile wordsmith. The list of eggheads that made up the famed Mbari club is endless. 40. Many years down the line, AGBONMAGBE clan seek to pursue the spirited goals of Mbari club to a conclusive end by setting all records about histories, education and culture aright as well as training the next generation of movers and shakers of the noblest of all causes.