Our Team


Our Team



Founder / Creative Director

One who is passionate about the development of his community. In 200, 5he founded the globally renowned Footprints of David Art Foundation – that produces the Best Children Theatre Group In Africa {Footprints of David}. Developing children and making tremendiuos impacts in and around the Bariga community of Lagos Nigeria.

A visionary of repute, he also championed the cause for better living standards in the Bariga community through numerous community developmental projects; relentless campaign against rape, gender equality and call for inclusive governance during the solidarity walk at the annual FODAF FESTIVAL in December. He also curated the performance-protest- Untitled Series, by F.O.D GANG; a radical dance piece that attracted the attention of the State government to the palpable condition of the famous ILAJE  road and some areas of Bariga. The roads were immediately fixed. His interventionist projects altogether have brought about positive contributions to the Bariga community at large.He also established several community developmental projects in Bariga – Bariga fashion academy,  Bariga photo festival,  Bariga tv,  My Bariga My Pride Initiative, Bariga Adult literacy Center {an adult school}, Bright Achievers schools  (a free slum school in the Isale Akoka Community of Bariga ), Seaside Cottage Theater Seun Awobajo is a community organizer, a choreographer, Art Director, Curator, Cultural Activist, Indigenous dance Researcher, Theatre Maker, festival Producer, smooth percutionist and a relentless workaholic, a die hard fan of Bariga community. His works creative works include ; OBI AT’OROGBO, THE SEARCH, ITAKUN T’OSAGBE, ERE OSUPA,
OGUN-THE IRON WORDS SMITH, BATA WAJO, OWEE POOSE, SA GO N’BUGO, CHILD ABUSE, and SORRY- a collaborative theatre project with Monster Truck Germany, which is currently on an Europe tour since 2016.

The multi-award winning mentor to over a hundred children is a busy bee who aims to continue in this stride as he attributes it to a divine mandate.




A graduate of Medicine and Surgery from Madonna University, Imo state. A medical practitioner and psychologist by profession, an artist by inclination, the affable Tony is a hardcore humanist who is dedicated to impacting lives as much as he could. He eschews ignorance. Uzor Iheadiri is a lover of the youths who believes every child should be given an opportunity to succeed.


He joined the FOOTPRINTS OF DAVID ARTS ACADEMY on the basis of volunteering his time and professional expertise in medical services, psychological sessions and education to the overall development of the children from the slums of Bariga community. His passion is to create an enabling environment for the youths within the community.




Kofo is a graduate of Philosophy from Lagos State University, Ojo, and Lagos. His approach has always been building a better life for all. Kofo has collaborated on several humanitarian projects in the areas of cultural advancement, indigenous language promotion and community development.

He is a member of the Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM) and founder of Christian EventsNG -a platform that promotes Christian events in Nigeria. He has assiduously worked with a team an incredible duo to start Àbáláyé Nigeria; a platform created to educate and promote Yoruba Cultural heritage.

Kofo is a computer wizard, graphic arts Pro, social media influencer and a technology buff. He is the social media strategist of FOOTRPINTS OF DAVID, co-founder of the i-Read Community Book Club, BarigaTV and Inside Bariga.




Babatunde is a graduate of Economics from Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State. Upon graduation, he had a brief spell in the financial world after which he quit to pursue his lifelong passion in the creative industry. He has since worked extensively on projects in the core Arts; Media and Film; Events planning and content management respectively. He is a lover of histories, a culture advocate and an avid reader.

A dedicated versatile writer, he has also worked on self and collaborative literary projects in the country and beyond. For him, words don’t have borders; it conveys the intended meanings as far as it can impact lives profoundly. His source of inspiration attributed only to divine providence.

He is the Creative Director of Maereska NG, a content development firm in Nigeria.




Segun has worked for over 9 years as an Executive Assistant & a Strategic Partner to C-Suite Execs across various industries in Nigeria.

He is skilled in Business Operations Strategy, Sales Performance Techniques and Project Management with the aim of driving operational excellence. He currently works as the Executive Assistant to the MD/CEO of INLAKS, a foremost Pan African ICT infrastructure service provider and Systems Integrator solutions provider in the Africa.

Segun is the Co-Founder of Organization of Professional Assistants in Nigeria, a fast-growing community of C-Suite Management Assistants, Senior Special Advisers & Technical Advisers in Nigeria.

He has volunteered for various charitable organizations both locally and globally and has helped to map out innovative strategies as it relates to fundraising, building partnerships, endorsements, idea generation, brand advisory and developing initiatives that will drive engagement and growth for the Non-Profit Organization he partners with.
He is a volunteer at Footprints of David Art Foundation, and he currently helps to build sustainable strategies and initiatives that will drive growth for the Foundation.

Segun is a member of Toastmasters International and he currently serves as the President of Inlaks Toastmasters Club. He is a member of YALI International, a Prodigal Tech Lover, a Freelance Business Coach and a Serial Entrepreneur.


Sam Odusolu

IT/Brand Manager

Sam Odusolu (popularly known as OLUSAM) is an entrepreneur with business around information technology. He is the CEO of Bestinfoware Connections and Head operations of Olumart Stores. He built and manages a number of web platforms for organizations and consults for them on digital marketing. Coupled with his business adventures, he is an unrepentant lover of art for positive influence on the society. He is an actor, gospel playwright and film-maker with specialization in production management and digital marketing of art works. He has to his credit a number of gospel films in which he plays the lead character. He is a lover of God and a lover of creativity. He is happily married to Oluwaseyi and the family is blessed with fruits.




Damilola Nelson is a graduate of theater arts, a practising theater director and film maker, with strong emphasis is children theater. Damilola has produced and directed several plays for both young and adult audience as well several short films and documentaries.

mathew gyang



GYANG MATTHEW a.k.a “SpeedGyang” is a dancer, dance instructor, choreographer and workshop facilitator who hail from Ji’she district of Jos North Local Government of Plateau State. He has being inclined to the performing Arts since his secondary school days when he regularly featured in a French Drama Competition. He soon joined the popular Young Inheritance Cultural Troupe founded by Yakubu Pada who was impressed by his extraordinary abilities of learning 15 different dance styles in two weeks. While he was under the tutelage of Young Inheritance Cultural Troupe, he toured and performed alongside older members of the troupe in different parts of the nation. He moved to Dantala and Group in 2002, all based in Jos.

In 2003, Matthew made his debut appearance on the National scale, as he was part of the Plateau contingent to the All African Games (COJA) and was later seconded to the National Troupe of Nigeria the same year as a Guest Artiste from the Plateau State Cultural Troupe. He has played lead role in the dance act of National Troupe of Nigeria.

After his two years of secondment at the National Troupe of Nigeria, he was appointed an instructor, a capacity in which he served for 12 years, performing alongside other leading artiste in the National Troupe of Nigeria in different parts of the country and other nations such as USA, Cuba, Brazil, Dubai, Zambia, Japan, China, Germany, Egypt, Ghana, Tunisia, Ethiopia, India, Lebanon, Congo, South Africa, etc. In 2006, he was employed as a full staff of the Plateau State Cultural Troupe.

He has featured in several productions amongst which include: “Nigeriana”; “The Contest”; “The Bridge”; “The gods are not to blame”; “Alajota”; “Iba”; “Yemoja”;”Long walk to a dream”; “Death and the King’s Horseman”; “Women of Owu”; “Idemili”; “Adaora”; “Ojomolami”;” Black skies”;” Oath to earth”; “Ifekili (Spectacles)”; “Salute to courage”; ”Nigeria, Arise”, ”One Legend many season”; “Heroes” etc.

He Served the National Troupe of Nigeria till 2016 and has since remained active with the Plateau State Cultural Troupe.

He was awarded the ‘Best Dancer’, Best Choreographer at different point of time.

In 2017, his work won the first position for the North Central Division at the Radio, Television and Theatre Arts Festival (RATTAFST).

He was the lead Choreographer at the Plateau State Carnival Unveiling in 2018.

Gyang Matthew is a graduate of Theatre Arts from the Lagos State University (LASU).

Musa Bulus Yaro



MUSA BULUS YARO has been the master drummer of the Plateau State Art council for over two decades. He is from a genealogy of drumming exponents; his father was the legendary Musa Yaro who plays 10 drums at a row.

He started playing in his hometown- Anaguta in Jos North Local Government in Plateau state for the Anaguta Community Folk groups. In 1990, his professional career was birthed as he joined the Black Heritage Cultural Troupe, later joining the employment of Plateau state cultural Troupe in 1996; a Cultural Assistant in the Theatre Arts Department at the University of Jos.

The award-winning Musa Bulus Yaro is the resident drummer engaged by the National Youth Service Corp in Plateau State to teach the Corp members of the Theatre CDS (Community Development Service) on different drumming techniques leading them on to competitions and recorded victories. He has continually trained thousands in drumming.

In addition, he has globe-trotted several countries carrying his instrument as the veritable symbol of his creativity and cultural ennoblement.


paradang kevin



PARADANG KEVIN is an award-winning dancer with experience spanning over four decades from Kanke Local Government area of Plateau State.

He started dancing at age 6 and went ahead to be trained by the legendary Yakubu Pada, founder of Young Inheritance Troupe. He later joined the Dantala and Group as a choreographer.

Kevin is the most decorated Dance Artiste from independent troupes in Jos, and a lead act in major dance performances at the Plateau State festivals.

He later joined the Jos Repertory Theatre where his dancing skills were put to the most efficient usage.

He has transverse the length and breadth of the country and beyond the shores of the country with awards under his belt in recognition of his extra-ordinary talents and artistry.

He holds a Diploma in Theatre Arts from the University of Jos, and presently working with the Plateau State University ,Bokkos.

micheal emmanuel atsi



MICHEAL EMMANUEL ATSI is from Plateau and Anambra parentage. His father is from Agodonzar Jarawa District in Jos North Local Government and mother from Ihiala, Anambra State. Interestingly, his maternal grandmother and mother are both classical dancers and with the latter, he spent an early part of his growing years in Isike, Ihiala in present day Anambra State. He was adamant to joining the family tradition of dancing and choreography and played football brilliantly.

Upon his relocation to his father’s town, he met a man named Joseph Jugu (late) who was then leader of the Black Heritage Cultural Troupe; he conceived him to join the troupe and went on to be his mentor, focusing on dance. He later became a member of the famed Dantala and Group as the first male dancer/ choreographer.


On October 16th, 1996, Micheal Atsi joined the Plateau State Arts Council and has since been doing exceeding exploits in his chosen career path. He won the Best Dancer in Plateau Art Council three consecutive times and awarded the Overall dancer in the State. He is currently the Dance captain (Choreographer) of the Plateau State Cultural Troupe. He has since toured as a performing act with the troupe to the 36 States of the Federation to different Arts competitions, festivals and performances with the troupe.

As a professional dancer, he has traveled to countries such as Congo, South Africa, Namibia, Kenya and Dubai etc.

In 2017, he did a duet performance that was selected as the Best in the Dance category of Radio, Television and Theatre Arts Festival (RATTAFST).

A holder of Diploma in Theatre Arts from the University of Jos, he deploys his skills and education majorly towards mentoring and training of the younger generation of dancers.

tongark deshi clement



TONGAK DESHI CLEMENT a multi-instrumentalist, a violinist of repute from Pankshin Local Government Area of Plateau State. He started professionally by joining a troupe called Dantala and group (Ndengndeng music) in 1994- an indigenous music and dance group led by Mr. Dantala Dewan who is a director with the Plateau States Arts Council. He was part of the selected troupe to the National Children Festival of Arts and Culture in 1999 (NACHIFEST), a member of the Plateau contingents to the All African Games (COJA) in 2013. He later joined the Jos Repertory Theatre where he was the only orchestra in a production ‘OUR HOUSE’ that toured all British Council both in Nigeria and Scotland.

He was Guest Artiste with the Plateau State Cultural Troupe for nine years before being absolved in 2006 by the Plateau State Cultural Troupe then seconded to the National Troupe of Nigeria where he was the first major Xylophone player, later serving  in different capacities with NTN for an uptrend of 10 years. He is the first Garaya musical instrument teacher in Lagos.

This man of so much artistic repute has featured in the following many plays amongst which are:” Nigeriana”; “The Contest”; “The Bridge”; “The gods are not to blame”; “Hard ground”; “Iba”; “Yemoja”; “Long walk to a dream”; “Death and the Kings’ Horseman”; Women of Owu; Idemili;” Adaora”; “Ojomolami”; “Black skies”; “Oath to earth”; “Ifekili (Spectacles)”; “Salute to courage”; “Arise”,” One Legend many season”;” Matt and Hena”; “Heroes” etc.

He has worked with Theatre eggheads such as Sir. Peter Badejo (OBE); Professor Duro Oni; Professor Ahmed Yerima; Professor Femi Osofisan; Professor Segun Ojewuyi; Emeritus Professor Wole Soyinka to mention but a few.

At the National Troupe of Nigeria, he was being part of the travelling contingent to different countries such as Germany, Spain, Greece, Cuba, Turkey, South Africa, Congo, Ethiopia, Egypt etc. He is back at the Plateau State Cultural Troupe.

A recipient of National and International Awards, the father of four holds a Diploma in Cultural Administration from the National Institute for Cultural Orientation (NICO), Lagos.

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SUNDAY BOYI is a Lead Singer; Vocalist; Historian; Groit; Praise Singer; Multi-instrumentalist and a prolific player of the GARAYA (Plucked Lute) from Garkawa Mikang Local Government of Plateau State. As a little boy, his love for the Arts was inspired by the age-long custom of moonlight storytelling and singing in his community which was mainly conducted by his paternal grandfather from whose source of immense giftings, he later grew his abilities in singing, drumming, storytelling and knowledge on various percussion instruments.

However, after many years of divorcing the GARAYA, he returned to his ‘first love’ when he and other four friends formed an Orchestra group in 1995. From then onward, he has soared in the skies of excellence, playing at several gigs in the state and neighboring towns, he equally recorded many jingles for several Plateau State governors.




High Chief Ajulo Sunday is the High chief GOGAN of Ajara Agamathen kingdom an indigene of Badagry, went to LA primary school Ajara Agamathen, Ajara Grammar school Ajara Vetho Badagry, Lagos, Egan high school ojo Lagos and Lagos state university ojo Lagos where i obtained a professional diploma in theatre Arts TV, film and Radio production and also graduated with a bachelor of Arts Degree in theatre Arts. A professional drummer, production manager and lead drummer of Sato troupe and kise drums performance. He is Presently a traditional ruler of Ajara Agamathen kingdom as a white cap chief.