Here is another ground shaking move!!!!

In the spirit of EKO THEATER CARNIVAL, the SEASIDE COTTAGE THEATER is launching her epitomic monthly Live performance series.

Beginning with the legendary piece “ITAKUN TO S’AGBE”, a unique African drum performance laced with the minder’s touch of a surreal theatre communication experience.


ITAKUN TO S’AGBE chronicles that generated soulful conversation between the African drums and the drummers. The African drums is a primal musical instrument laced with concealed messages which depicts the unrestrained relationship between the inanimate with the beating of the African drums.

The messages of the drum therefore embodies language of the leather skin with the drummer; the ability to communicate the message of hope and togetherness in the newly awoken spirit of Africanness through the drums.

‘Itakun to s’agbe’ literally means ‘the tress co-joined to a calabash’. It can also be interpreted as a child holding vehemently to the legacies of the forbears.

Date: August 8th,2020.

Venue: SEASIDE COTTAGE THEATRE 130 community road Akoka Bariga Lagos.

Time: 4pm

Date: August 8th, 2020.
Venue:130 Community Road Akoka Bariga-Lagos.
Gate: N5,000 live Audience
Online Pass; N1,000 OR $2 OR € 2 only.

For more information & Tickets bookings – call 08027491310//



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