Even though, they both occupy public offices, they haven’t been found wanton of self-aggrandizement, rather, they constantly seek to grow their immediate community, striving to make the nation- a better place for alL

The first on the bill is the current Chairman of Bariga Local Council Development Area- Honorable Akin Kolade Davids, a man who has been hailed as ‘” Pathfinder’” in recognition of the landmark contributions to the once-battered Bariga community. He is awarded the FODAF ‘MAN OF THE YEAR’ award.

Second on the list is the DPO of Ilaje Police Station. He has been tried, tested and trusted as an incorruptible officer of the law, a public officer who maintains integrity in the oceans of corruption and ineptitude.
Speaking on the awards, Seun Awobajo, who is convener of the annually celebrated FOOTPRINTS OF DAVID ARTS FESTIVAL (FODAF) declares: ‘I am the happiest man on the earth right now, to make known this announcement. It is a statement of fact that our awardees for this year are men of integrity, and we have no regrets whatsoever to reckon them in this most blithe manner’’.
FODAF begins on December 25, 2019 to end on December 30, 2019.

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