OUR MOTTO: …Following the Footsteps of David’s

About us

Footprints of David is an art academy established on 30th December 2005. We teach toddlers and teenagers how to harness their creative side in form of arts, drama and dance.

We have enjoyed tremendous success over the years as evident to invitations to concerts and performance across Africa and Europe

Membership criteria

  • Children from disadvantaged homes or background, after screening and approval of trustworthy men and women of integrity
  • Talented children who are interested and want to be involved in the performance of arts.

The above written shall go through a written and attitude test for effective grading

FOOTPRINTS OF DAVID ART FOUNDATION is a hybrid of several Social Enterprise and humanitarian expressions namely: FOOTPRINT OF DAVID- F.O.D ART Academy; F.O.D Gang; My Bariga My Pride; Bright Achievers’ Schools; Seaside Cottage Theater BARIGA POTO SCHOOL, BARIGA FASHION ACADEMY, I-READ COMMUNITY BOOK CLUB, BARIGA ADULT LITRACY CENTRE and the FOOTPRINTS OF DAVID ART FESTIVAL (FODAF-festival). F.O.D is a movement centered on community development through Art and raising a total child. Its integral policy is to promote, preserve African cultural values in raising especially the disadvantage child while we lend a voice, giving them the wings to their aspirations and convictions through the arms of sublime creativity.


OUR NAME is a metaphorical illustration of the life of the biblical King David, who in spite of the hurdles he faced early in life was unperturbed but forged ahead in making good of the prevailing circumstances. He was a forgotten shepherd-boy at a time, who single-handedly trained himself in the art of wars and act of ART- music. His dexterity on the Harp instrument was a tool of exorcism; his mastery with the sling defeated one of his nation’s biggest adversary and his dancing- legendary in style and dimensions as his strongest spiritual secret. The man- DAVID was/ is revered as one of the outstanding rulers of the Jewish race, his inerasable imprints of uncommon vigor and abiding faith glimmering in the sands of time is the watchword of FOOTPRINTS OF DAVID relating this fit to similar great mind like David’s in this present days. Hence, our David’s remain the special one of valor in the world and war of Arts, the exceptional ones with enviable qualities and impeccable characters. i.e Nelson Mandela, Wole Soyinka etc.


  • To empower especially disadvantaged children for a better future through the teaching and performance of African Art and rejuvenation of African culture.
  • To provide adequate residential accommodation facilities and rehabilitation Centre in the Bariga areas for disadvantage children.
  • To arrange concerts at local, national and international fora/events and also raise funds to enhance the image of the group, and Lagos Nigeria.
  • To build a Footprints of David Art Complex, incorporating
  • Footprints of David Art Academy; A proper Art institution for the teaching of Performing Arts and general academics educations.
  • Footprints of David Art Theatre for performances.
  • Footprints of David Recreational Centre; an international tourist Centre for various creative events, lectures, fun park, Galleries, live music, drum library, Exhibitions halls, chalet, launch, relaxation.


To Use Art as a positive change in building society. Largely due to the Western incursion on the African soil towards the end of the 18th century which has left the black race distorted, disconcerted and its attendant inane backlashes, the continent still grapples with economic contraption, social insolence, religious perversion and above all- the loss of true identity.


The colonial uncanny experience drastically affected our culture and tradition in negative ways, because of the way in which the age-long cherished order was being perceived, conceived and publicly condemned as barbaric, uncivilized giving way to the superimposition of the western culture as the only civilized and most acceptable culture. This unfortunate antecedent prevails till date as a very good number of the present generation of the Nigerians has juxtaposed the definition of civilization for foreign misguided philosophies in lieu of their aboriginal body polity.


It is therefore, imperative to re-define, regenerate, and edify those positive values and traditions which have been the stronghold of our society (true essence) in other to ensure the evolution of a strong breed of proud, reliable, hardworking and respected Nigerians all over the world, who will build ‘’…one nation bound in freedom, peace and unit.



We are original and very creative. We get our inspiration from daily occurrences and hence leverage arts and drama to bring it to life.


No excuses, ownership is our bedrock, no challenge is insurmountable. Life itself happens to the responsible, we teach that here.


Creativity is endless but best in simplicity. We believe in the ingenuity of creativity to inspire more in making the world a better place.


If it is not perfect we don't stop pushing, the routines have to be flawless and apt. We are never satisfied until it is truly excellent.


Here, there is no me or you... we are a family. When something breaks, we all broke it. And when it works - everyone made it work.


Nothing beats pushing your talents to its limit in an atmosphere of fun. There is a deliberate process to ensure fun is in the air

Why choose us?

We have been recognized by our impact in the society by various credible organizations. We have won several awards – Lagos state Governor Most Creative Excellence, Nigeria Television Association (NTA) best children Theatre company, NUSCUFEST- Best Dance troupe, African Drums Festival- overall Best Team, National Troupe of Nigeria Best children Theatre Award, The Essences Award Dublin, Trinity house National Award, MUSON AWARD 2020  among others.


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