It is with great joy in my heart that I welcome you all to the New Year 2021. To the maker of all things, the sovereign ruler of the world; the Almighty God who in His infinite mercies sustained our lives: all adorations is ascribed to HIM. If we sing, dance, shout of HIS honour in different tongues, different styles and patterns, I think it is worth the joyful noise.

Premium Vector | Happy new 2021 year. holiday illustration of golden metallic numbers 2021 with christmas balls, stars. realistic 3d sign.

The immediate past 2020 dealt on the world blows that shook the earth to its very foundation. The rollcalls of devastating impacts of covid-19; the dearth of lockdown and attendant crimes to the outbreak of pestilences, myriad of economic hardships to mention but a few left many hopeless and the death of many. Sadly, the Arts circle lost a number of great acts whose losses would take a long time to replace. Now, you’ll agree with me that God is the fortress of our hopes – hopes of providence and life.

With this mind, I welcome you all to a wondrous New Year 2021. It is a year that we must decisively consolidate on the gains of past year and turn same into something worthwhile. To my fellow colleagues in the Arts, I challenge us to task our creativity more, re-enact projects that defines the great gifts the Almighty has graciously deposited in us. As Artists, we are mirror to the world! More than before, our creations should brighten a dim world and bring succor to the downcast as well as inspire hopes in the face of trying circumstances. Let us once again colour the world with our collective energies and ingenuity.

Finally, I thank all the sponsors, supporters, friends and Board members of the FOOTPRINTS OF DAVID ARTS FOUNDATION for their unrelenting affection doted on us. We cannot but acknowledge the donations received without which some of our projects would have remained merely a figment of imaginations. THANK YOU and GOD BLESS richly.

Happy New Year!

Seun Awobajo

Creative Director/Founder

Footprints of David Art Foundation