Footprints of David and Monster Truck in coproduction with Ballhaus Ost, will premiere its Nigerian leg virtually on March 20.

Ghosting was inspired by the traumatic experience of the covid-19 pandemic that rocked the world – breaking every connection of the everyday human relationship under the guise of the new normal. Typified by the veering course of the human race – a different approach ensues – a new string of creativity laced with an unconventional act is conceived.

It is a production of two different continents that breeds spirituality rather than an absenteeism of physical touch. Ghosting divines, a translocation of the cast to a Patmos of solitude, primal existence and experimentation of newness. The lead role, Sahar Rahimi in Germany reveals the masked alter-egos of her imagination – entrenched in the soul of 7 other performers in faraway Nigeria.  Sahar pours her heart in cast in other places –with reflective moods foreshadowing images culled from Berlin and Lagos respectively. The message carried on in a younger cast, Anjoola       Faniyi.  Monster Truck (Germany) and Footprints of David Arts (Nigeria) uniquely juxtapose characters in seamless chain of performance brings to life the import of Ghosting.

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