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FOOTPRINTS OF DAVID ART FOUNDATION [REG; CAC/TT/NO 112139] is a hybrid of several Social Enterprise and humanitarian expressions namely: Footprints of David Art Academy; F.O.D Gang; My Bariga My Pride; Bright Achievers’ Schools; Seaside Cottage Theater Bariga Photo, Bariga Fashion Academy, Iread Community Book Club, Bariga Adult Literacy Centre and the Footprints of David Art Festival (FODAF-festival).

F.O.D is a movement centered on community development through Art and raising a total child. Its integral policy is to promote, preserve African cultural values in raising especially the disadvantage child while we lend a voice, giving them the wings to their aspirations and convictions through the arms of sublime creativity.

What we do


We offer classes in dance, drama and music to help develop your talents

Concerts & Festivals

We have been part of numerous concerts and festivals across several continents

Art Residency Programs

Specially for people in need of rehabilitation - with use of art, dance, drama as a tool.

Performance Arts

A blend of visual and dramatic performance to drive powerful messages


We believe in the ingenuity of creativity to inspire more in making the world a better place.

Community Based Art

We have numerous community based projects, most important of all is our annual festival.

Children Theatre

Using theater to teach very complex concepts to children in a very simple way.

Cultural Exchange

Learning from other cultures is a key KPI for us, these integrations have really helped our growth.

Art Management

We teach you how to become a highly sought-after professional in the field of creative and performance art.

Photography Training

Come learn how to capture every moment in a professional way, you can also make some extra cash.

Art Journalism

Simplifying the highs and low of our society via Art, reaching out to people in very simple languages.

Research and Creative Arts

We have been there for over a decade, we to learn new trends to stay relevant

Our Projects

Footprints of David Art Academy

FOOTPRINTS OF DAVID a multiple award winning children/student dance theatre group with vast experience in performances both at home and internationally

Bariga Fashion Academy

BARIGA FASHION ACADEMY is established to empower especially the youths from the Bariga community and friends of Bariga, This centre is NABTEB certify and located at the heart of Bariga.


BRIGHT ACHIEVERS SCHOOL is a FREE SLUM SCHOOL, a comprehensive free primary and secondary educational outfit situated at the stumpy Lagoon front view at the Isale Ilaje, Akoka area of Bariga.

I-Read Community Book Club

I-READ COMMUNITY BOOK CLUB ; I-Read Community Book Club_ i-Read community Book club is community monthly reading session, which largely helped to ebb the menace of ignorance


Photography Training In collaboration with CANON, a globally respected photo company, we train in the excellent use of photographic technologies, brilliant handling of lens and the use of the photo camera


FODAF FESTIVAL is an annual one-week of COMMUNITY BASED OPEN AIR ART FESTIVAL for Community development in the Bariga Area of Lagos Nigeria.

Why choose us?

The future is safer if all can harness the power of humanity through Art. We believe in the ingenuity of creativity to inspire more in making the world a better place. For the world to be better, we all need to creatively look inward and that is our strength in Footprints of David.


Kids directly impacted




Community Projects



outstanding arts



people really matter

This is not just a hobby but a way of life, creativity is endless but best in simplicity.


We believe in the ingenuity of creativity to inspire more creativity in making the world a better place.


Footprints of David Art Festival is a community based six days street festival with lots of creative activities like cooking competition, Indoor games, Musical concert, Ram championship, Dance festival, Stage Drama, Cultural Rally, Film show, Street paintings, children funfair, fashion contest, Dance battle, Poetry, Spoken Word, Open Mic session.


The second edition of the Footprints of David’s monthly live/virtual theatre gathering offers ENIYAN on September 26 at the FOD’s Seaside cottage Theatre, 130 community road Akoka Bariga Lagos.
The performance, as directed by the dancer, musician, director Awobajo, “is set against the backdrop of man’s struggle in the circle of vanity.”
To be part of the amazing live show, watch online via Zoom or watch live at the seaside cottage theatre, 130 community road Akoka Bariga, Kindly make your donation of €5/£3/$5 or ₦2,000 and more through Pay-pal; Saharrahimi@yahoo.com or Footprints of David Art 2892037220 Eco bank Nigeria, or use the donation button
please Note;
“All donations will be directed to support our free slum school project in Bariga(Bright Achievers’ schools) Bariga and the children actors in the play as the school re-opens on the 21st of September, 2020” .

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