The Cradle of Footprints Of David Art Academy 

Footprints of David Art Academy started as a community project by SEUN AWOBAJO in one of the ghetto areas of BARIGA at Olanrewaju Street by Ilaje Bus-stop in Lagos. Then, ‘street children’ usually gather round to watch while adult dance group does their dance rehearsals. On several occasions, when the adult dance group go out for performance, these so called ‘street children’ who watched rehearsals of the dance group, will group up to imitate the dance group as they coordinate themselves to render dance performance in their own way. They use any object like tin of milk, broken buckets, bottles, sticks etc to form beats for their dance steps. The activities of these children used to amaze everyone including the dance group using the ground for rehearsals but it was an exposé for Seun Awobajo, one of the pioneer members of the dance group. While he derives pleasure seeing these children do their stuffs, he discovered ‘inner ability’ of an African child. He later developed a strong interest in CHILDREN PERFORMANCE THEATRE based on charity.
Starting up was a big challenge to Seun Awobajo. Some of the challenges that confronted the dream were how to build unknown ‘street children’ into stage giants, how to interpret the value of what the children had started on their own, how to educate both literate and illiterate parents on the importance of PERFORMANCE ART, the stress of teaching the street children moral values against what they have learnt and the ethics of life through stage, the energy required to teach these children the rudiments of dance, drama, music, poetry and others. The greatest challenge of that time was on how to provide feeding, accommodation & education to some of the children that were homeless.
By the grace of God, Seun Awobajo decided to face these challenges damming the consequences. Eventually, Footprints of David Art Academy started on 30th December, 2005 as a charity organization using performance art as a tool for positive change in the society. Seun Awobajo through the grace of God started taking some of these children off the street as he began to teach them how to use their God-given talents to walk into the big world of performance art. << Previous | Read more >>

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