Footprints of David is an art academy established on 30th December, 2005 by a young and dynamic Nigerian OLUWASEUN AWOBAJO, with the aim of putting smiles on people’s face via the promotion and preservation of the rich culture of Nigeria. Footprints of David, with more than 20 children as members, has executed lots of outstanding art projects independently as well as worked with many Nigerian icons in the entertainment industry. Footprints of David had performed before the president of the federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, Prof. Wole Soyinka and most State Governors in Nigeria at the “Bring Back the Book project” initiated by Mr. President. Members of the group have been involved in film productions like: DE STREET by Blue Star Entertainment, MAAMI & ALO IYA AGBA by Mainframe production, FOLKS by DSTV; a television series on Yoruba movie magic directed by Tunde Kelani of Mainframe Production.
Footprints of David outstandingly put up a 30-minute dance-drama show (WINDOW TALK written by Segun Adefila as directed by Seun Awobajo) at the April 2009 edition of the monthly BUKKATERRIA - a live Theatre. F.O.D has effectively executed several dance-drama packages on contemporary issues in the society and on the tradition of the land.
Footprint of David has clinched several awards from: NTA, DANCE GUILD OF NIGERIA, NUSCUFEST, NATIONAL TROUPE OF NIGERIA etc For over three years, the group has been part of the “MACMILLIAN LITERARY DAY” and Monthly BUKKATERRIA SHOW by Crown Troupe powered to revive theatre projects in Nigeria. To mention a few are the Art festivals attended by Footprints of David; FEDA by the DANCE GUILD of NIGERIA, B.O.A.T FESTIVAL by The BARIGA ARTISTE FORUM NIGERIA, GASFACT by the ONILEAGBON SIGHT AND SOUND THEARTRE, HISTORICAL FESTIVAL by THE LAGOS STATE COUNCIL FOR ART AND CULTURE AT THE TERRA CULTURE, Lagos Island and BLACK HERITAGE FESTIVALS. MEMBERSHIP STRENGTH; The mind of the set man of F.O.D Seun Awobajo is to change people’s perspectives of Ghetto children. While he sought to put smiles on the faces of Ghetto children around him, he started with 4 children within his neighborhood, the Ghetto of Bariga some years back. Today, the membership of F.O.D comprises more than 40 children.Read more >>

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