Welcome to Footprints of David

Footprints of David arts started as an after school Art Initiative since in 2005 to empower especially disadvantaged children through the teaching and training of performance Art in the sphere of Theatre in Dance, Drama and Music alongside its functional supportive departments. Over the years, we have run an Art academy that has trained amazing children. They are trained into professionals on creative-performance Art. The convener, Oluwaseun Awobajo saw the need to leverage fun and arts to drive a better society. The objective is to put lasting smiles on people’s faces via the promotion and preservation of the rich culture of Nigeria.

With over 50 children from the ages of 4 to 13 currently engaged, we have executed lots of outstanding projects independently. We have also performed at many state sponsored events. Our believe is that one of the key drivers for a better Africa is in the ability of children to grow in an environment of fun and strong morals. Here, we teach confidence, Drama, collaboration, friendship, Arts and ultimately sound morals.

Over the last decade, this belief have fuelled our success stories.


Our Offerings

Dance/Drama/Music classes

We offer classes in dance, drama and music to help develop your talents

Concerts and Festivals

We have been part of numerous concerts and festivals across several continents

Community Cottage Theatre

Using theater as tool, we have repeatedly driven better collaboration within our host communities.

Photography Training

Come learn how to capture every moment in a professional way, you can also make some extra cash.

Art Residency Programs

Residency programs specially for people in need of rehabilitation - with use of art, dance, drama as a tool.

Community Based Art Projects/Services

We have numerous commnunity based projects, most important of all is our annual festival.

Art Management

We teach you how to become a highly sought-after professional in the field of creative and performance art.

Art Journalism/Documentary

Simplifying the highs and low of our society via Art, reaching out to people in very simple languages.

Research and Creative Arts

Yes, we have being around for over a decade, we also know we to learn new trends to stay relevant

Children Theatre Consultancy

  Using theater to teach very complex concepts to   children in a very simple way.

Cultural Exchange/Tours

Learning from other cultures is a key KPI for us, these integrations have really helped our growth.

Performance Art

A blend of visual and dramatic performance to drive powerful messages

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Kids, 50+
Projects, 75+
Bookings, Over 100 and counting
Awards, 10+

Monthly performances/projects/workshops/classes and bookings for the year [quaterly]

Announcement of our festivals/competitions and talent hunts

Monthly programs for the cottage theatre.

Hill Dreams Productions

Toreculture designs

OlorunJedalo Concepts

Aglow children performing Art Academy

A few facts

Lives touched


50+ Kids

100+ Invites

Our Values


We are original and very creative. We get our inspiration from daily occurences and hence leverage arts and drama to bring it to life.


No excuses, ownership is our bedrock, no challenge is insubmountible. Life itself happens to the responsible, we teach that here.


This is not just a hobby but a way of life, creativity is endless but best in simplicity. We believe in the ingenuity of creativity to inspire more creativity in making the world a better place.


If it is not perfect we don't stop pushing, the routines have to be flawless and apt. We are never satisfied until it is truly excellent.


Here, there is no me or you... we are a family. When something breaks, we all broke it. And when it works - everyone made it work.


Nothing beats pushing your talents to its limit in an atmosphere of fun. There is a deliberate process to ensure fun is in the air

why Choose us?

Footprints of David Art Festival is a community based six days street festival with lots of creative activities i.e. ; cooking competition, Indoor games, Musical concert, Ram championship, Dance festival, Stage Drama, Cultural Rally, Film show, Street paintings, children funfair, fashion contest, Dance battle, Poetry, Spoken Word, Open Mic session.

Do your own thing!!!

Performing arts integration empowers to harness the creativity in them. We are integrated with the curriculum of schools to ensure there is balance in the performance.
Costume/props/drums rentals are available for class presentations and theatre or dance productions. Do schedule an appointment with us if you are interested in any of these services.
Once we rent any of these items to you, you are responsible for it. We know accidents happen, but you need to try to avoid them by storing these items in a secure location and taking care of them. Before you alter a prop (paint, cut down, glue to, etc…) you must first check with us, we may be able to help you find another way to do the same thing, or find a better suited prop for you to use.
We are available to perform at your private events. Be it secular or religious, conventions and conferences, or smaller events such as retreats, holiday parties or even private concerts - our team of professional young dancers will thrill your guests and ensure every moment is maximized.
We are open to invitations from any part of the world, we have been invited to a couple of countries in Europe and Africa - be assured your audience will be deeply entertained.